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The Recession and Your Career

Recession Proof Jobs

Today's economic downturn and the uncertainty of what's to come has put huge questions into the minds of many individuals trying to make career choices. When choosing a degree or training program, individuals should consider which industries have greater resistance to the effects of a recession. Such jobs are where people and organizations still need the goods and services. Keep in mind, no job can guarantee 100% security. However, there are some industries that definitely offer more stability.

No matter what the state of the economy, there will always be a need for quality health care services. This doesn't just mean services from doctors and nurses, it also includes the administrative and technical support that is needed throughout the entire healthcare system. Some of the fastest growing professions are in healthcare. Our increasingly aging population drives the demand for healthcare professionals. Careers with positive prospects include doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physical therapist, and physician assistant. Healthcare professions such as medical assistant and dental assistant are excellent options without a 4-year degree.

Children and adults will have to continue going to school, so teachers will always be in demand. However, educators who specialize in high demand subjects such as math, science, and bilingual education will be especially attractive to schools. College instructors are also increasingly in demand because the number of 18 to 24 year olds has increased and more adults are returning to school.

Police layoffs are rare and during desperate times, criminal activity tends to rise. Security professionals such as police officers, detectives, private security guards, and international security experts have strong and secure job outlooks.

During lean times, companies need to tighten their belts and accountants help business operate more economically. In addition, tougher accounting and auditing regulations have promoted much of the growth in the accounting industry.

According to PC World, recession-proof technology professions include: software design and development, networking and systems administration, software implementation analysis, testing and QA, and database administration.

Sales and Marketing
During the down market, businesses need creative and competent sales and marketing people to stay ahead of the competition and win every prized customer. For example, with the increase in fuel prices, auto makers turned to their marketing and sales forces attract consumers.

Ways to Recession Proof Your Career

Today's market has set historical records and has sent many into economic panic. The only sure thing is that we can expect a tough economic climate for a while and we all have to be as financially and professionally as prepared as possible for whatever comes our way. Whether you pursue further education & training or not, here are some ways to protect your job and stay valuable in the workforce.

Improve your Attitude
Things are tight and we're all a bit nervous to say the least, however, you should stay as positive at work as possible. Focus on the short and long-term goals of your company. Position yourself to contribute to those goals.

Develop your Reputation and Skills
Be the best at what you do. Stay fresh and updated on industry news, skills, and knowledge. Stay ahead of your competition and increase your value by working towards an advanced degree or certificate, especially if your employer still offers tuition reimbursement.

Network, Network, Network
Stay connected to professional groups and business associates. Pay attention to what people are seeking and hiring in your industry. Always look for those new connections that can bring more business and success to your company, thus to your own career.

Document your Successes
Promote your contributions and achievements without being obnoxious. This is as important to do with outside business contacts as it is to do with your boss. Business associates from other companies can be impressed enough by your accomplishments and skills to suggest you to their bosses. If done with finesse, you could be opening doors at your own company and elsewhere.

Always Update your Resume
Whether your lose your job or opportunity comes knocking, you want to be prepared to move immediately. Your resume should be up-to-date during a recession and times of prosperity. You should also have a couple versions of a cover letter available. You should have one for a field similar to your current job and for jobs that may not be in your industry but with potential for someone with your skills and experience. Change can happen anytime...be ready!